Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.
John Maynard Keynes.

Our business

Corporate  Finance




Legal support for M&A deals and business restructuring


Family Office

Our services

Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients and backed by our experience and skills which we have obtained for the last 15-20 years of our professional careers.  The three large area of our professional interests, where we have competative advantages and render high quality services, can be set out as follows:

  • ​​Corporate Finance.
  1. Legal support for M&A deals and business restructuring.
  2. Family office management.

To pursue our client's objectives we package our services within the following financial and legal products:  



Merger & Acquisition


Search for investor, screening, selecting and negotiating with target firms, legal advise on deal structuring and closing.


Business Valuation


Business valuation for purposes of direct investments into capital and debt. Valuation of intangible assets.




Development of efficient capital structure, implementation of a selected restructuring plan.


Family office


Selection of long term strategy for capital growth: investment plan, supporting and structuring of investments, legal jurisdiction and tax planning.


Financial strategy


Development of financial structure of business, capital enhancement program.


Raising finance


Selection of efficient financial instruments, restructuring of current debt, negotiation with creditors and investors.


Due Diligence

An insightful investigation of target firm: risk identification, analysis of financial and legal standing, market research.






Our experience

1. Information technologies and Media

Professional experience of the Stride Consulting’s partners includes advisory support for the deals of varying complexity in telecoms and media industry. We were actively involved in public placements of technology stock on the stock exchanges, carried out vendor due diligence projects and also performed business valuations of technology companies for both deal pricing and strategic decision making.


2. Precious metals: mining and processing

The Stride Consulting’s partners participated in the new specialized holding restructuring of the group of companies involved in mining and processing of precious metals in Russia within a larger financial-industrial-group. Our services relating to the project included restructuring of existing business units, development of the financial strategy and financial modelling as well as advisory support relating to minority shareholdings transactions. We took part in preparation of deposits and mining companies for third-party investments and provided management and shareholders with general coordination and oversight services with regard to various external consultants involved: geologists, auditors, lawyers and investment bankers. Geographically the mining assets were located in the Russian Far East and in Southern and Western Africa.


3. Financial Services: banks and asset management

One of the key areas of Stride Consulting’s professional expertise relates to interaction with major players of the global capital markets as well as strong business relations within the investment community in Russia. We provide
portfolio investment support services to highly affluent individuals, including development of investment strategies and transaction structuring in collaboration with leading international investment banks (private banking). Our contacts in investment community as well as knowledge and skills related to asset management allow us find the optimal solutions for our clients and form the most efficient partnerships. Our experience in complex business valuations of financial institutions (investment banks and management companies) is based on participation in the projects relating to development of banking strategy and preparation of investment companies to negotiations with investors.


4. Consumer Retail

For consumer retail businesses Stride Consulting offers a wide range of financial and legal services. The company partners participated in development of restructuring strategy of grocery store chain in Volgograd region, Russia, and performed corporate finance advisory and business valuation services for a restaurant and fast food chains in Moscow, Russia. Presently, we also specialise in providing consulting services with regard to development of retail sales through telecom channels (omni channels), including sales through mobile gadgets, social networks and laptops.





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