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Due diligence

Due Diligence services are mostly required to investigate the business and financial position of a potential partner in purported shareholding acquisition, provision of debt financing, or establishment of a JV.  Within a Due Diligence project we gather, process and analyze commercial, financial, legal and organizational information relating to the target company.

The findings of the Due Diligence investigation are presented in a report containing summary analysis of the company’s operations and major contracts and detailed analysis of its financial reporting statements, as well as analysis of key risk factors identified in respect of company’s financial position and its business and corporate structure.

The goal of Due Diligence may also become the study of specific issues, such as analysis of business processes, tax exposure, or market strategy of the company.  Such issues may also be covered under the extended scope of work on client’s request. Due Diligence findings usually serve as a basis for developing target company’s financial model, its business valuation and deal structuring.



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