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Raising Finance

Search for and negotiation of the most favorable terms of financing constitute important elements in implementation of the financial strategy aiming either at business expansion or restructuring of existing liabilities.  There exist a number of options for raising financing by a business entity, including:
  1. direct equity investment, sale of a shareholding in the company;
  2. establishment of a joint venture, where participants contribute their various assets into the joint business;
  3. project financing, where a new separate entity is set up with capital funding provided through equity contributions by shareholders and through loan financing secured upfront from banking or other financial institutions;
  4. bank loan financing secured through collaterals on assets or revenue streams;
  5. mezzanine financing, where financing is arranged in the form of a convertible loan, where the lender has an option to convert those debt obligations into an equity stake in the company.
The forms of sourcing the financing may be either public (whereby the investment offer is made to all qualified investors) or closed (whereby the list of potential investors is limited).  The approach and the form of financing are determined by market conditions, industry particulars and investor tolerance with regard to risks and openness to information disclosure.

Stride Consulting assists its clients as an advisory in attracting financing, in selecting the best financial instrument, as well as in conducting negotiations with investors and lenders.



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