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Rene Rivkin.

Our services

Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients and backed by our experience and skills which we have obtained for the last 15-20 years of our professional careers.  The three large area of our professional interests, where we have competative advantages and render high quality services, can be set out as follows:

  • ​​Corporate Finance.
  1. Legal support for M&A deals and business restructuring.
  2. Family office management.

To pursue our client's objectives we package our services within the following financial and legal products:  



Merger & Acquisition


Search for investor, screening, selecting and negotiating with target firms, legal advise on deal structuring and closing.


Business Valuation


Business valuation for purposes of direct investments into capital and debt. Valuation of intangible assets.




Development of efficient capital structure, implementation of a selected restructuring plan.


Family office


Selection of long term strategy for capital growth: investment plan, supporting and structuring of investments, legal jurisdiction and tax planning.


Financial strategy


Development of financial structure of business, capital enhancement program.


Raising finance


Selection of efficient financial instruments, restructuring of current debt, negotiation with creditors and investors.


Due Diligence

An insightful investigation of target firm: risk identification, analysis of financial and legal standing, market research.






Due diligence
Due Diligence services are mostly required to investigate the business and financial position of a potential partner in purported shareholding acquisition, provision of debt financing, or establishment of a JV.  Within a Due Diligence project we gather, process and analyze commercial, financial, legal and organizational information relating to the target company.

The findings of the Due Diligence investigation are presented in a report containing summary analysis of the company’s operations and major contracts and detailed analysis of its financial reporting statements, as well as analysis of key risk factors identified in respect of company’s financial position and its business and corporate structure.

The goal of Due Diligence may also become the study of specific issues, such as analysis of business processes, tax exposure, or market strategy of the company.  Such issues may also be covered under the extended scope of work on client’s request. Due Diligence findings usually serve as a basis for developing target company’s financial model, its business valuation and deal structuring.

Family office
The primary goal of a Family Office is to preserve and grow the capital for high net worth individuals.  This goal is achieved through setting the investment strategy, structuring of investment assets, selection of favorable jurisdictions and tax planning.

Coordination of efforts of various financial and legal advisers is the essential part of our engagement aiming for efficient asset management. Below are listed some of the issues that a Family Office deals with on a regular basis:
  1. planning and structuring of the holdings, selection of jurisdiction;
  2. tax planning for cross-border transactions;
  3. selection of optimal financing and cash flow structures;
  4. interaction with investment bank brokers, asset managers and analysts as well as with directors of portfolio companies to execute contemplated transactions;
  5. risk management – timely identification and mitigation of market and regulatory risks.
Within the scope of Family Office services we advise our clients on their investment strategy, portfolio allocation and exit triggers with regard to both marketable securities and direct privately-held business/start-up investments.

Financial strategy
Development of financial strategy includes development of the financial model of the company based on its budget and strategic plans.  Within the framework of financial strategy development we help our clients make the right choice of financial instruments to achieve the strategic goals set, based on our professional experience and network of contacts in financial community.

Decision on selecting the financial instruments depends on the situation on the global financial markets, investment horizon and also on the rates of growth and profitability of the company’s business.  In each particular case we recommend to our client a unique set of financial instruments that best correspond to strategic goals and opportunities.

Stride Consulting offers to its clients the most efficient solutions for attracting various types of corporate financing: direct private equity investment, procuring loan financing and public placement of equity or debt financial instruments.


Mergers & Acquisitions
M&A assignments are based on the client’s mandate to a financial advisor to carry out search for the acquisition/merger target or to sell a shareholding interest in the company to a third-party investor.  Most of the time M&A deals concern purchase or sale of a controlling equity stake, therefore, such deals are normally of strategic importance to the client.

Stride Consulting provides complex M&A advisory services, including suitable target/investor search, solicitation of their interest, origination and support of negotiations, as well as related legal services in respect of deal structuring, contract drafting and transaction closing.

Our team has a wealth of experience in M&A deal origination, support and closing, both in Russia and abroad.  Our maintaining a broad network of professional and personal contacts with private investors, investment funds, asset management companies, as well as with major shareholders and executive managers of a good number of Russia’s companies enables us to offer our clients the best possible strategic and financial solutions.

Raising Finance
Search for and negotiation of the most favorable terms of financing constitute important elements in implementation of the financial strategy aiming either at business expansion or restructuring of existing liabilities.  There exist a number of options for raising financing by a business entity, including:
  1. direct equity investment, sale of a shareholding in the company;
  2. establishment of a joint venture, where participants contribute their various assets into the joint business;
  3. project financing, where a new separate entity is set up with capital funding provided through equity contributions by shareholders and through loan financing secured upfront from banking or other financial institutions;
  4. bank loan financing secured through collaterals on assets or revenue streams;
  5. mezzanine financing, where financing is arranged in the form of a convertible loan, where the lender has an option to convert those debt obligations into an equity stake in the company.
The forms of sourcing the financing may be either public (whereby the investment offer is made to all qualified investors) or closed (whereby the list of potential investors is limited).  The approach and the form of financing are determined by market conditions, industry particulars and investor tolerance with regard to risks and openness to information disclosure.

Stride Consulting assists its clients as an advisory in attracting financing, in selecting the best financial instrument, as well as in conducting negotiations with investors and lenders.

Business growth oftentimes brings about diversification of the lines of business, establishment of new legal entities and expansion of the number of partners, clients and personnel.  All such developments lead to deviations from the originally set goals, plans, forecasts and corporate structures unbalancing the system of management and decision-making.

Stride Consulting helps its clients to choose optimal corporate structure, develop an action plan for transition from the existing to target ownership structure and supports the implementation of the developed restructuring plan.

The goals of restructuring corporate or private ownership structure may vary, including:
  1. preparation of the company компании for new equity financing or entering into joint-venture agreements;
  2. optimization of terms of debt financing from commercial banks or investment funds;
  3. compliance with new rules and requirements of tax or corporate regulations;
  4. changes in market conditions and macroeconomic risk factors.

Development of restructuring plans is greatly dependent on client’s strategic objectives, its market risk tolerance and timeframe for resolution of identified issues.

Business Valuation
Stride Consulting performs business valuations for the purposes of acquisition of shareholdings in target companies and setting the value on to-be-collateralized assets.

The results of business valuation are presented in a report containing the determination of fair market value, detailed description of the target company’s business and the management strategy.  The fair market value is usually determined by combining projected cash flow, comparable entity and historic cost approaches.

The cash flow projections are developed utilizing the company’s budget information, its strategic position and plans as well as on pertinent macroeconomic information and forecasts.  The financial model developed for the purposes of business valuation may also be used by company owners and senior management to facilitate taking managerial decisions with regard to corporate restructuring, selection of development strategy or raising debt financing for further business development.
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