Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.
John Maynard Keynes.

About company


Our company is a partnership of professional that share common goals and values and adhere to the common principles of professional conduct and ethics. Each partner of Stride Consulting brings its knowledge, experience and business contacts and dedicated them to the company development and is responsible for advancement of the certain area of our common practice.


Values and mission

Stride Consulting is a team of seasoned professionals capable of assisting company shareholders and top management in taking and implementing optimal decisions aimed at company’s value preservation and growth.

Stride Consulting adheres to and complies with the following principles and values:

  • Our recommendations and services are based on long-term strategies and encompassing approach to tasks set by the client. We consider the business of the client in the entirety of its management, legal and financial aspects and provide the optimal solution.
  • Our relationships with the client are based on trust and it allows us to fully utilize our knowledge and experience for resolving of strategic issues. With many of our clients we share many years of fruitful business relations.
  • We always keep our promises and deliver on our contracts, and we always strive to exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Thoroughness and accuracy are of priority importance for us in our approach to solving any financial and legal issues of the client.
  • We are open to discussing constructive and innovative business ideas of our clients or their other consultants. At the same time we always try to provide strong grounds and arguments supporting our views and approaches.


The services of Stride Consulting’s partners are in high demand from business owners and top executives seeking external debt or equity financing, contemplating business restructuring or expansion through mergers or acquisitions.

Our services may also be of great use for those looking for opportunities to invest spare cash on the capital markets and thus need the best financial strategy.




5/19,Nizhnii Susalnyi lane,
busness quarter "ARMA",
office "Delovoy",
Moscow, 105064, Russia

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